A Complete Package of Certificated, Accredited Counselling Training.

I met with the Year 2 TC-L4 candidates who have had a wholly positive experience. They have enjoyed their learning and experiencing and feel well prepared and equipped for their work as qualified practitioners.

 (CPCAB External Verifier’s Inspection Report, July 2022)

CTTM is a counselling training agency that offers you a professional progression route from Level 2 listening skills training to fully qualified practitioner at Level 4 and beyond:

We are now close to completing our September 2023 recruitment. If you’d like to find out more, please do contact us!

We also wish all team members, students past and present, as well as those interested in what we can offer, all our best wishes at this time of huge change for us all.

Email: info.cttm@yahoo.co.uk

On all courses there was a good balance of theory, experience and personal development and a strong sense of learning.

 (CPCAB, June 2017)

We are a team of qualified Person-Centred counsellors and trainers; we have all been counselling trainees ourselves so have some understanding of what you might experience as a student.

I get the sense that the organisation has a very good reputation locally.

 (CPCAB, November 2018)

As a centre we have over 10 years’ experience of comprehensive counselling and listening skills training certificated by the Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body (CPCAB) that offers you a skilled way of supporting people in an professional, ethical and robust manner.

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One student specifically asked me to tell CPCAB that CTTM is a “top quality training centre that has changed the direction of my life.”

As reported to CPCAB, November 2017

As a central part of all our training we pride ourselves on offering you a comprehensive programme of personal development that has a proven record of changing students’ own lives for the better.

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The Centre is busier than ever and recruitment, retention and achievement levels are excellent.

 (CPCAB, November 2018)

From 2015 onwards we have had a 95% pass rate at end-of-course examination across all levels. As you can see we also continue to receive excellent external verification reports from our awarding body, CPCAB.

To contact a tutor directly please do email us!

Email: info.cttm@yahoo.co.uk

Address: Office 5b, Adam Court, Northgate, Nottingham NG7 7GR

CPCAB: http://www.cpcab.co.uk

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