Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling (TC-L4)

Tutor feedback is of a high standard; each is providing insightful comments which are supportive, developmental and appropriately challenging. These are offered in the spirit and language of the Person Centred (PC) language which underpins and reflects the modality being delivered at CTTM. There is a sense that the tutors respect and value their candidates and have a positive regard for them.

(CPCAB, January 2020)

This two-year course will gain you a fully recognised Diploma in Counselling.

This is the course for you if you have already acquired recognised qualifications of 180 hours in counselling skills such as over our Level 2 and Level 3, and are looking to train in an exclusively Person-Centred modality.

The CPCAB TC-L4 website contains lots of useful details: http://www.cpcab.co.uk/qualifications/tc-l4

We are now looking ahead to our September 2023 Diploma training. For more details, please do get in touch at: info.cttm@yahoo.co.uk

Our current Level 4 fees are set at £2,695 yearly, and we offer a competitive payment plan to assist students in spreading out the cost. New dates and costings will be released early in 2023.

We are one of the few CPCAB Level 4 providers in the East Midlands and we offer two guarantees:

Firstly we guarantee that there will be no increase in fees for students moving from Year One to Year Two of the Diploma.

Secondly, your fees are examination-inclusive, meaning that we never charge more for sitting any exams / External Assessments!

If you would like to talk to a tutor about whether this is the right course for you please contact us at: info.cttm@yahoo.co.uk

The centre has been running Level 4 groups since 2009, and we are proud to consistently receive reports from external verifiers just like this one:

I met with the current TC-L4 candidates; a cohort of 5 female students. They have all completed their entire counselling training at this centre and had only positive and affirming feedback to offer. We discussed:

  • The high levels of professional and personal support shown.
  • The tutors’ ability to work relationally and model a way of being that
  • reflects the ethos of the PC approach being delivered at the centre
  • “honest, authentic and humble, but with the ability to challenge when required”.
  • The high level of training offered – candidates commented on how grounded and confident they feel in their agency environments, both personally and professionally. They feel they have been prepared for the work of the counsellor very robustly.
  • The flexibility of tutors and their ability to appropriately adapt the training programme to respond to meet their learning needs.

(CPCAB, November 2017)

This qualification is right for you if you would like to:

  • train to become a counsellor in a wide range of working environments, ranging from counselling agencies and health providers to schools and voluntary organisations.
  • provide the best possible professional and ethical service for those seeking counselling
  • continue your own journey of self-discovery and self awareness

Further testimony about our excellence in delivering this course is as follows:

Work observed was of a high standard and demonstrated an ability to write reflectively; candidates are clearly developing a knowledge and self-awareness consistent with this level of training. Tutor feedback was detailed and evidenced appropriate challenge to students, in order to promote professional and personal development.

(CPCAB, June 2018)

If you like the sound of the centre’s Level 4 course please email: info.cttm@yahoo.co.uk