Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills (CSK-L2)

I met with the foundation CSK-L2 group who are nearing completion of a 15 week programme. We discussed matters including:

The candidates’ high regard for their tutors and the service offered at CTTM. They appreciate how well the course is structured and mapped out, particularly with respect to the content of sessions and completion of coursework / homework. 

(CPCAB, June 2019)

This course is the place to start if you are looking to gain your first formal counselling training or listening skills qualification.

This qualification is designed to give you the fundamental knowledge, skills and competencies to use counselling skills ethically and safely in a variety of contexts and roles.

The CPCAB CSK-L2 website also contains lots of useful details: http://www.cpcab.co.uk/qualifications/csk-l2

We are now looking ahead to our September 2023 training, and we anticipate offering a range of morning, daytime and evening courses. 

If any of these options appeal to you then please do get in touch at: info.cttm@yahoo.co.uk

Our current Level 2 fees are set at £945, and we offer a competitive payment plan to assist students in spreading out the cost. New dates and costings will be released early in 2023.

The centre has been running Level 2 groups since 2013, and we are proud to consistently receive reports from external verifiers just like this one:

We discussed matters including:

The candidates high regard for the service offered at CTTM. The “professionalism and passion” of the tutors and the confidence that each of them has in the training being offered was expressed by all present. Three of them shared their experience of previous training providers as being “shallow” in comparison to that being experienced at CTTM. 

(Feedback from a Level 2 group, CPCAB, June 2018)

This qualification is right for you if you would like to:

  • learn counselling skills to help others – hugely valuable in a voluntary or an employed position
  • improve communication and listening skills in your personal relationships
  • to find out more about the field of counselling
  • ascertain with confidence whether to continue your training as a counsellor at Level 3 

Further testimony about our excellence in delivering this course:

The students met reported high levels of satisfaction and welcome the clear expectations and boundaries that are set and modelled for them. They only had praise to offer for their experience to date.

We discussed:

Their appreciation of the clear expectations of the Centre, particularly with respect to boundary issues, attendance, coursework and personal responsibility (for learning). 

Their surprise at the high level support and encouragement offered to them in their studies and in the successful completion of coursework. They appreciate the opportunities afforded for additional tutorials, to enable them to fully understand the course requirements and to support them in fulfilling their potential. 

(CPCAB, November 2018)

If you like the sound of the centre’s Level 2 course please email: info.cttm@yahoo.co.uk