Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Studies (CST-L3)

I met with a group of 8 CST-L3 candidates who are undertaking a 30 week programme. The cohort consists of a mix of candidates from different CSK-L2 courses, but all of whom undertook this at CTTM. We discussed their:

  • enjoyment of the course
  • their enjoyment of the theoretical focus of the course. They are beginning to develop and embed their understanding of the PCA in relation to the‘self’ and to the helpee’s presentation. They consider their tutors to be knowledgeable in this and able to both “bring it to life” for them, and to model it in their own way of being with the group
  • their high regard for the team; they find them to be accessible, approachable and supportive.

(CPCAB, January 2020)

This course is the place to start for you if you have already acquired a recognised qualification of 90 hours in counselling skills such as our Level 2.

This qualification is designed to give you a rigorous introduction to counselling as a profession, as well as to the Person-Centred Approach to human development and helping.

The CPCAB CST-L3 website contains lots of useful details: http://www.cpcab.co.uk/qualifications/cst-l3

We are looking ahead to our Level 3 September 2023 training, and we anticipate offering a range of courses over the week. 

If either option appeals to you then please do get in touch at: info.cttm@yahoo.co.uk

Our current Level 3 fees are set at £945, and we offer a competitive payment plan to assist students in spreading out the cost. New dates and costings will be released early in 2023.

If you would like to talk to a tutor about whether this is the right course for you please contact us at: info.cttm@yahoo.co.uk

The centre has been running Level 3 groups since 2012, and we are proud to consistently receive reports from external verifiers just like this one:

I was pleased to meet one of the CST-L3 groups. It was a positive engaging session in which students spoke warmly and candidly about their experience. The main points discussed were:

The personal and welcoming environment of this training centre. 

The pastoral care of the tutor was highly valued, fostering a deep 
level of support. The tutor models the relational aspect of counselling. 

(CPCAB, June 2017)

This qualification is right for you if you would like to:

  • take the next exciting step in training to become a counsellor
  • carry on developing your personal awareness and honing your professional skills in the workplace
  • learn more about the wide world of counselling theory and agency work

Further testimony about our excellence in delivering this course:

Tutor comments, within learning reviews and feedback on skills work were robust, and provided both constructive and developmental feedback. This is all offered in the language of the person centred approach which immerses students in the vocabulary and spirit of the training that they are receiving.

(CPCAB, June 2018)

If you like the sound of the centre’s Level 3 course please contact us at: info.cttm@yahoo.co.uk